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Dec. 23

4 Weeks-C-Section Mamas Unite

Join me for 4 RECORDED WEEKS and see what I am doing as a pelvic floor physical therapist for myself (and what I have been doing for the last year) to improve my scar tissue mobility and regain strength in my lower abs (they do exist!). And this is a STEAL! To see me in the clinic is at least $165 for one visit, and you get 4 WEEKS…that’s $3.23 a day!!!

Raffle Instructions:

1. Complete the "Giveaway Contact Form"
2. Click the button below to go to Instagram giveaway you are interested in. 
3. Like the post and follow both accounts.
4. Tag 2 people on that reel.
5. Winners announced (via Instagram & email) at the end of each raffle window.

Questions? Email

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Meet the Sponsor

Amanda Fisher

Founder & CEO

I am wife to my hunky, husband-Brett, and a mother to my wild-n-crazy three boys (yes, my hands are full!). I am mostly known for my passion for pelvic floor dysfunction and teaching women how to find vaginal healthy products at Target (yes, I have a video on YouTube on this). I love serving the world by helping people realize there is hope with pelvic floor issues like: recovering from birth (especially c-sections-I’ve had three myself), peeing your pants (been here too), pelvic organ prolapse (yep-developed this after my first baby) , pelvic pain and pain with intercourse (the reason I got into pelvic health in the first place). The things I am most passionate about in life are my family, spending time with my husband and kids, pelvic health, health and fitness, 90s/2000s hip hop, baking cookies, personal growth journeys and helping people achieve their goals.
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