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Women's DIY Pelvic Pain Relief Program



Dr. Susie Gronski

Dr. Susie Gronski


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6 Weeks


The Women’s DIY Pelvic Pain Relief program gives you the tools to learn about and heal your body in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


In 6 weeks, You'll.... 1. Learn how to do a self-exploration on your privates so that you know which parts are sensitive and which parts feel good. (Time to go pleasure-hunting and creating that treasure map!) 2. Be an expert on how the most intimate parts of your body work so that you know more about how your body functions, which means more control over your body, which means less pain. 3. Be the boss of your bladder. (No more scheduling your days around a bathroom. Long car rides? You got this. 4. Understand the brain science behind why you hurt and how you can control it so that you can enjoy intimacy without your brain stepping on the brakes. (Accelerator here we go!) 5. Develop strategies that will calm extra-sensitive nerves. 6. Experience the massive benefits of deep belly breathing and its impact on the pelvic muscles or any pain source. (Bonus side effects include more calm, clarity, and focus, and lowered stress.) 7. Master hands-on techniques and stretches to help ease pelvic tension and modulate the pain response so that the thought of wearing those tight skinny jeans or using a tampon doesn’t make your eyes water. 8. Get the scoop on poop and learn ways to optimize your gut health. (One-wipe wonders? Yes, please.) 9. Tame your thoughts by learning techniques to reframe your relationship with pain so that your mind can finally take a breather from thinking about pain and you can feel more energetic, clear, and focused. 10. Use aromatherapy to positively influence your autonomic nervous system making you feel more at ease mentally and physically. Feel safe to express your needs and ask for support, whether that's from your partner, doctor, family or friends. Feel confident to treat yourself and trust your body again. (Let's do this!) Modules: 1. Welcome to the Women's DIY Pelvic Pain Relief Program I’m so excited you’re here on this journey to resolving your pelvic pain. You probably have invested a significant amount of money in your healing with other providers and modalities and now you’re landing in my world, maybe with a range of emotions, hopes, struggles, and fears. I hear you. I'm here to listen and support you along this very personal journey. 2. Getting comfortable with your bits. Gets you in the right mindset to start our journey together; anatomy lesson on your most intimate body parts; understanding the bladder and pelvic muscle connection; step-by-step guidance to help you explore your private parts so you can apply treatments to help you feel less pain. 3. Getting your head around it. Understand the brain in pain and what you can do to retrain your brain, creating healthier and happier neurological pathways so that you can calm an extra-sensitive nervous system; guidance on how to recognize potential contributors and perpetrators of pain that are keeping you from feeling your best; collection of additional resources to help deepen your knowledge about why you hurt... because the more you know about why you hurt, the less you will hurt. 4. Learning to relax. Get to grips with the relationship between stress, anxiety and your thoughts, as well as how that affects your experience of pain; learn strategies to reconceptualize this relationship including a variety of guided breathing exercises (one size does not fit all and having options is great!); progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, and aromatherapy guidance to influence your autonomic nervous system. 5. Food that makes you feel good. How to work with food as medicine and optimize your digestive health from nutrition to excretion; a plan to make you fall in love with food all over again. 6. Boosting your immunity. Explore the fascinating wonders of your immune system and the role it plays in pain; immune-boosting treatment options that will help you feel more energized, invigorated and ready to tackle the stressors of the day. 7. Remember pleasure? Practice sensory integration and therapeutic touch treatment ideas which will help desensitize anxiety-provoking touch and help you connect with yourself and/or your partner in a safe and pleasurable way. The goal of this module is to create more positive experiences with touch and movement, lessening the need for protection, which means less pain! 8. You just rocked the Women's DIY Pelvic Pain Relief Program 💪 9. DIY support call. Need more help? I'm just a phone call away.

Your Instructor:

Currently specializing in men’s pelvic and sexual health, Susie Gronski, DPT is a licensed doctor of physical therapy, certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, international teacher, author and creator of online and in-person health programs that help men with pelvic pain become experts in treating themselves. Learn more by visiting


This is a live virtual course that will be recorded for your review and viewing convenience for 1 year from the date of the course. After purchasing the event you will receive an email with how to access the course.
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