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Introduction To Male Pelvic Health



Gerard Greene

MSc (Manip Physio), MMACP, MCSP, PG Cert HEd

Contact Hours:

2 hours


Designed for physios who want to find out more about Men’s Health Physiotherapy, including those with a Women’s Health, Musculoskeletal or Sports background. It will start you on an exciting journey where you will help many many people. It will focus on introducing key areas of Men’s health practice like Male Pelvic Pain, male athletic pelvic pain & post prostatectomy urinary incontinence. It will emphasize the key skills that Musculoskeletal, Sports, and Women’s Health physios can bring to this area of practice. It will present a typical week in a Men’s Health physio clinic emphasizing that you do can get involved in this work as we have lots of men needing help but too few physios doing this work. Gerard will share his passion for this work with you and enthuse you to jump onboard into an area that is both is fascinating and hugely rewarding.

Course Objectives:

Male athletic pelvic pain Male pelvic pain Post prostatectomy Urinary incontinence Why we need Musculoskeletal and sports Physio skills for these patients. Moving across from female pelvic health. Getting started in Men’s health physiotherapy.

Your Instructor:

Mr Gerard Greene is a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin and an experienced musculoskeletal & Men’s health physio and is based in the UK. He works in male pelvic pain, pelvic floor rehab post prostate surgery, hard flaccid syndrome & also pelvic floor dysfunction in sport. He has established one of the few new pelvic health physio clinics in the UK and has experience in developing the role and service of Men’s Health Physiotherapy. He has produced a popular Male pelvic pain webinar for the APTA Pelvic Health Academy and delivered a pre-con course at the APTA CSM 2020 conference in Denver on Male Pelvic Health with his good friend and colleague Dr. Jo Millios that was attended by approx 50 delegates. He also presented at the conference on Male pelvic pain. He also presented at IFOMPT Asia in Tokyo in September 2020. He is experienced in the medium of online course delivery through his Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy role in Coventry University UK. He also presented at WCPT 2017 in Cape Town on Men’s health and was invited to teach the 1st Men’s Health course in South Africa with Joanne Millios (South African Physiotherapy Society). He has delivered Male pelvic health courses/ conferences for the Japanese Physical Therapy Association and delivered one of the 1st practical Men's health physiotherapy courses in the Middle East ( Dubai ). He has also taught men's health courses in UK, Ireland and USA. He is a passionate advocate for more physiotherapists to get involved in Male pelvic health. In response to COVID-19 he has also set up an online Male pelvic health Telehealth provision. While recognizing the enormous challenges this poses to traditional face to face physiotherapy he has attempted to embrace the opportunities it may also present. He is also proud to be a #tutorwhotreats


This is a recorded webinar. After purchasing the event you will receive an email with how to access the course.

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