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The 3D Pelvis



Hayley Kava

PT, MPT, Pelvic Floor PT

Contact Hours:

1 hour


Information coming soon!

Course Objectives:

Hip Biomechanics

Your Instructor:

Hayley Kava PT, MPT, never wanted to be a pelvic floor physical therapist. She had been an athlete her whole life and working with athletes was her passion. In 2017 she gave birth the first time and realized that labor, birth and post partum recovery was the most physically, and emotionally demanding thing she had ever done. Through navigating her own recovery, she realized that all people with pelvic floors deserve more information and empowerment about how to address their common, but often taboo, issues. Hayley Kava became the pelvic floor PT she never thought she would be, and "HayleyKavaPT" was born.


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