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The Diaphragm and its contribution to pelvic pain: Evaluation and Interventions



Michelle Nesin

Pelvic Education Alliance

Contact Hours:

1 hour


This one-hour Webinar will expand on the development of your hands-on expertise utilizing pelvic health, orthopedic and osteopathic principals and techniques. Emphasis will be on designing treatment programs for patient’s experiencing pelvic pain which is affected by the rib cage. Participants will be equipped with manual skills to enhance their treatment and maximize the patient’s functional mobility.

Course Objectives:

1) Analyze the role of the diaphragm and its contribution to the lumbar spine and pelvic girdle. 2) Assess basic movement dysfunction contributing to pelvic pain. 3) Design appropriate evidence-based treatment programs utilizing differential diagnosis technique.

Your Instructor:

Michelle Nesin is co-owner and education director of Nesin Therapy Services in Huntsville, Alabama and a co-founder of the Pelvic Education Alliance. Outside of her 30+ years of experience in treatment, her passion has always been in the field of teaching. She taught for the Institute of Physical Art for more than 25 years. In 2017 she was invited to work with the Chinese Olympic Medical Staff and Athletes in Beijing China. By combining her teaching experiences and extensive hands on clinical knowledge of pelvic health, she is excited to bring these two worlds of therapy together to better enhance treatment strategies for this underserved patient population.


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