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Treating chronic prostatitis for health professionals



Dr. Susie Gronski


Contact Hours:

1 hour


Accounting for nearly two million doctor visits per year in the United States alone, countless men experience chronic prostatitis with little to no help. Endless specialists, traumatic medical experiences, failed treatments, pain with erections, and the incessant search for a cure leaves men hopeless and despondent. In this one hour webinar, you'll tool up on psychologically informed treatment strategies that will help you better support men with pelvic pain.

Course Objectives:

1) Understand chronic prostatitis from biopsychosocial lens. 2) Analyze a patient case that integrates psychologically informed treatment strategies into the plan of care.

Your Instructor:

Currently specializing in men’s pelvic and sexual health, Susie Gronski, DPT is a licensed doctor of physical therapy, certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, international teacher, author and creator of online and in-person health programs that help men with pelvic pain become experts in treating themselves. Learn more by visiting


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