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Orgasms Count

The Key To Orgasms

The origin of the word “clitoris” is uncertain, but may have come from the Greek words for “key,” “little hill,” “to lean,” or “to tickle.”

Go The Distance

Each clitoris is unique, but many are not close enough to the vaginal opening for penetration alone to trigger orgasm.

Foreplay For The Win

On average it takes 20-25 minutes of clitoral stimulation and foreplay to feel fully aroused, sometimes more.


Orgasms feel great, sure. But they aren’t just a fun add-on: there are several medical benefits, too. Orgasm improves circulation to the pelvic floor muscles and organs. Better circulation means new, fresh blood with lots of nutrients is brought to the area while old blood and by products are taken away. During an orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles rhythmically contract which can help to strengthen these muscles and may even decrease cramping. Click below to read our full article for more info!

Clitoral Orgasm Resources

Sexual Health
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4-Part Mini Course
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A 16-hour course for providers

Our friends can help you unlock more orgasmic possibilities:

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