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Pelvic Floor Muscles

Handouts & Solutions

A diagnosis-specific directory for pelvic floor infographics, webinars, and support resources

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A large Gaiam balance ball is great for workouts, a desk chair alternative, pregnancy, labor, and more.

Belt Support 2.png
Belt Support 1.png

A support belt discreetly provides compression, support to relieve pain from swelling, prolapse, and other conditions.

Elvies 1.png
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Elvie's app-controlled pelvic floor trainer is a tech-forward solution to monitoring your training at home.

Intimate Rose 2.png
Intimate Rose 1.png

For vaginal tightness and pain with insertion, vaginal dilators or trainors are a helpful option.

IR Wand 1.png
IR Wand 2.png

For deep pelvic pain that is hard to access, Intimate Rose has several pelvic wands that reach hard to access areas.

Oh Nut 1.png
Oh Nut 2.png

For painful deep penetration, Oh Nut has created stretchy rings to act as a buffer.

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