Interview with Dr. Amber Wilson of Journey to Midwifery  about pelvic floor tips for midwives during patient care, when to refer to Pelvic floor PT and how to better help the population we care for. 

Interview with Erica Djossa, PT of  Happy as a Mother about Urine Incontinence in Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Pee, Poo, & Sex: Get to Know and Love Your Pelvic Floor w/ Jeanice Mitchell of myPFM

Jeanice Talks To Us About Pelvic Floor Sexual Health!

Jessica and Jamille interview Jeanice Mitchell, owner of Integrity Rehab and creator of MyPFM website, youtube channel and instagram. They discuss pelvic prolapse, how Jeanice has treated it over the years and her personal and professional experience with the diagnosis.

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