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Dec. 12

1. Abdominal electrical stimulation course.

2. One hour 1:1 mentor session for healthcare providers

The abdominal stimulation course is targeted for parents or healthcare providers to provide education about addressing constipation through use of electrical stimulation over the abdomen. Far too often parents are given laxatives (top-down treatment) as the only course of action. There's another, and even better way... Electrical stimulation over the abdomen has been proven to decrease fecal accidents in as quickly as 2-4 weeks with routine abdominal electrical stimulation use. Studies have shown that use of electrical stimulation over the abdomen routinely for 3-12 months can eliminate fecal (and urinary) leakage and constipation, and can improve overall transit time and intestinal motility. Long term results last for years, eliminating the roller coaster of ups and downs and cycles of good weeks/months followed by weeks/months of accidents. Electrical stimulation over the abdomen fixes the root cause of the issues causing constipation and incontinence.

The mentorship hour is designed to be used by a healthcare provider who is looking to or is already treating in the pediatric pelvic health space.

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Meet the Sponsor

Kiley Gibbs

PT, DPT, MA, Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist

I love to garden! I have a huge veggie garden each year, and I also have fruit trees and lots of flowers.
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