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Dec. 14

3 months subscription IBS Freedom Course

Learn what to eat for IBS, so you can finally feel in control of your body.
Affordable step-by-step IBS solution to identify your IBS trigger foods, learn what to eat for IBS, and get relief from your IBS symptoms once and for all.

Raffle Instructions:

1. Complete the "Giveaway Contact Form"
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3. Like the post and follow both accounts.
4. Tag 2 people on that reel.
5. Winners announced (via Instagram & email) at the end of each raffle window.

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Meet the Sponsor

Jessie Wong

Monash University FODMAP Certified Dietitian

I’m a registered dietitian with years of experience helping people find relief and freedom from IBS. I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Indiana University and was trained on the FODMAP Diet at Monash University. I’m the creator of the IBS Freedom Approach. The truth is, helping people find IBS freedom is personal for me. I know firsthand how debilitating the condition is. I’m on a mission to ensure NOBODY has to let their symptoms dictate their life, like what happened to us. That is why IBS Freedom is as affordable and accessible as possible because IBS care should be for everyone ❤️ After years of studying and working with hundreds of IBS clients, I have developed a step-by-step approach to finding symptom relief and freedom from IBS. The IBS Freedom Approach is easy-to-follow, proven for IBS relief, and accessible anywhere around the world. I can’t wait to welcome you into our IBS Freedom Community!
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