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Dec. 2

Dilator Set from Elevated Pelvic Products

Pelvic floor rehabilitation tools can be very expensive.

For any person who is in need of a tool to support their pelvic pain routine, this dilator set can absolutely help!

Raffle Instructions:

1. Complete the "Giveaway Contact Form"
2. Click the button below to go to Instagram giveaway you are interested in. 
3. Like the post and follow both accounts.
4. Tag 2 people on that reel.
5. Winners announced (via Instagram & email) at the end of each raffle window.

Questions? Email

Meet the Sponsor

Dr Jus

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
CEO of InHer Physique Pelvic Therapy in Pensacola FL

Dr. Justine Williams Roper PT, DPT, aka Dr. Jus, is the Founder of InHer Physique Pelvic Therapy & Wellness. Dr. Jus combines her passion for fitness and wellness with a holistic lifestyle that goes beyond the clinic’s walls. With her love for running and strength training, she understands the deep connection between movement and well-being.
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