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Dec. 20

Lift for Prolapse Relief (online course)

"Lift" is my time-tested, tried-and-true program for prolapse relief that has served and helped thousands of women over the last several years! I initially developed the "Lift" content to help myself resolve the symptoms of mild bladder prolapse I developed after my son was born. Over time, the content and concepts evolved into a full-length online program with specific exercises and lifestyle tips for prolapse relief. It's valued at $397 and includes 5 gradually progressive weeks of training, bonus content, and community support.

Raffle Instructions:

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5. Winners announced (via Instagram & email) at the end of each raffle window.

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Meet the Sponsor

Brianne Grogan

Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT ("Dr. Bri" works, or just "Bri")

My goal is to have YOU ready, to enter your birth relaxed, confident and fully engaged for an empowered and positive birthing experience!
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