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Dec. 27

Sexual Pain Online Course

This course is for you who:
- Experienced pain during penetration
- Feel anxiety around sex due to pain
- Feel pain while inserting a tampon or menstrual cup
- Have postpartum discomfort
- Have Endometriosis / Prolapse/ Vulvodynia / Vestibulodynia
- Are on menopause
- Chronic constipation leading to pelvc floor dysfunction

This is:
- A course from a master pelvic healer with almost 30 years of experience in pelvic physical therapy, who holds a doctorate degree and advanced board certification.
- 5 hour masterclass with 10 modules and 31 lessons
- Here you will identifu the real cause so you can heal properly and permanently
- Start to see permanent and sustainable results
- You can access it anytime from any device

Raffle Instructions:

1. Complete the "Giveaway Contact Form"
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3. Like the post and follow both accounts.
4. Tag 2 people on that reel.
5. Winners announced (via Instagram & email) at the end of each raffle window.

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Meet the Sponsor

Dr. Julie Sarton

Founder & Board Certified Women’s Health Specialist

Dr. Julie Sarton is among the nation’s foremost experts on the pelvic floor. She founded Sarton Physical Therapy in 2011 with the vision to provide hope and healing to her patients, with the best possible staff and evidence-based treatment. The clinic has grown rapidly, treating patients from across the country and even internationally, and is the only clinic in California – and perhaps the country – with four board-certified physical therapists. Prior to opening her practice, Julie founded and served as Director of the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy program at the University of California, Irvine. She was also an Assistant Clinical professor at UCI. While there, she created the Women’s Health Physical Therapy Fellowship, a post-graduate fellowship training program for pelvic floor physical therapists, which has trained some of the best PTs in the country. Dr. Sarton was in the very first class of physical therapists to be board-certified, and has more than 20 years of experience in the field, successfully treating thousands of complex patients.
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