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Don't Cry, Stay Dry

Bedwetting Causes Explained and Natural Treatments for Kids to Try

Is bedwetting keeping your child and you up at night? Bedwetting is never fun, but there is HOPE! With easy-to-read rhymes and playful drawings, Don’t Cry, Stay Dry, approaches the concepts, causes, concerns, and treatments of bedwetting in a fresh, new way. The leading causes of bedwetting, nutrition ideas, timing tips, and the introduction of pelvic floor physical therapy are all presented in a kid-friendly manner that will put the whole family at ease. Children will be able to identify with the feelings and natural treatments described inside. They need to know there's no shame in bedwetting. "You'll be able to slumber and no longer cry. Your dreams will be sweet, and your sheets will stay dry!" This can be true for both child and parent! With the proper interventions and treatment, bedwetting will be a distant memory. This book is brought to you by the non-profit organization myPFM, short for my pelvic floor muscles, myPFM believes pelvic health should be available to all! Follow Jeanice Mitchell, Pelvic PT on Instagram @mypelvicfloormuscles.
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