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It’s You Babe HipV2 Combo™

LIFTS AND SUPPORTS: Pelvic support belt discreetly stabilizes the hips and provides relief from Sacroiliac pain, hip separation, sciatica, pubic symphysis separation, vulvar varicosities, prolapse bladder/uterus, and post-op swelling. POSTPARTUM PELVIC BELT: Stabilizes postpartum laxity and relieves pelvic girdle pain. Pelvic floor compression protects pelvic floor strength when healing. Holds ‘Pad-sickle.’ PELVIC SOLUTION: when pessary for prolapse ineffective, or when on the wait-list for surgery. COMFORTABLE: Latex-free with flannel backing, adjustable with Velcro tabs. Four sizes fit hips from 24” to 56”. RECOMMENDED: Doctors and midwives recommend, excellent compression therapy for post-surgical (post-c-section) wound healing by stabilizing the hip for faster, less painful recovery. HAND TAILORED: Original award-winning design and proudly manufactured in Michigan by It’s You Babe® LLC.
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