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SRC Pregnancy Leggings

Over The Bump

Can’t stand for longer than 2 minutes? Having difficulty just walking around the house? Dealing with increased pressure and heaviness in your groin? Not to mention all of the stuff that no one warned you about like - low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, pelvic pain (SIJ, Symphysis Pubis pain) or vulval and varicose veins. Designed with anti-chaffing fabric and in consultation with an obstetrician for the ultimate in comfort and functionality, SRC Pregnancy Leggings - Over the Bump are specifically designed to help you get back to enjoying your pregnancy. See below for more information What’s the difference between a belly band or pregnancy belt and the SRC Pregnancy Leggings? Unlike belly bands, SRC Pregnancy Leggings can treat multiple conditions, are more comfortable to wear and are hence more likely to be worn for longer periods which increases their effectiveness. Do up a belly band too tight and you risk muscle deactivation. Belly bands should only be worn for short periods, 2-3 hours to prevent deactivation of your muscles. In some cases, you may benefit from both the SRC Pregnancy Leggings AND a pregnancy belt. For information on health fund rebates, see here.
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