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Stride Soles Custom Orthotics

Podiatrist-made custom orthotic insoles

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Custom orthotic insoles are not only essential for addressing common foot concerns like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and general foot discomfort, but they also serve a broader purpose. These precision-crafted insoles elevate your posture, safeguard against potential injuries, and enhance overall foot health, ensuring you remain active and comfortable for extended periods. Unique to you, our insoles are intricately designed by our seasoned team of podiatrists. The process is seamless and all done from home: perform a 3D foot scan using our app, answer a concise clinical questionnaire, and let our experts work their magic. Tailored to fit any type of footwear – including heels, flats, or sneakers – and aligned with your specific objectives, your bespoke prescription orthotics will be delivered to your doorstep in under 2 weeks
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