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Desert Harvest EZMagic Pelvic Therapy Wand

Made of non-porous, hypo-allergenic, medical-grade borosilicate glass that can be used internally, and externally to release pelvic floor tension.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is often characterized by tightening the pelvic floor muscles to guard against the pain radiating to the groin, hips, genitals, and beyond. Pelvic floor dysfunction can be caused by many things, including inflammation, irritated nerves, restricted blood flow, pushing or straining to urinate, and is aggravated by conditions like Interstitial Cystitis (IC / BPS), prostatitis, vulvodynia, vaginismus, pudendal neuralgia, lichens sclerosis and dyspareunia (painful sex). The EZ Magic Pelvic Therapy Wand is a safe and effective tool that can be used both by a Physical Therapist and at home to help with pelvic floor muscle release, massage, and relaxation. This patented, ergonomically shaped wand is made of non-porous, hypo-allergenic medical-grade borosilicate glass that can be used internally (vaginally & rectally) plus externally (including the perineum) to release pelvic floor tension. The EZ Magic Wand helps relax and re-educate pelvic floor muscles and function when used daily. Physical therapists recommend working the trigger points for 30 – 90 seconds. If this is too painful, reduce the time to 8 – 12 seconds. Many see relief within three months when working consistently. The EZ Magic is 16mm in diameter and curved for easy insertion and manipulation. The durable medical-grade glass adds weight for leverage and ease of pressure (it can withstand over 50 lbs of force). Ideal for hard-to-reach and arthritic conditions. EZ Magic can be used at room temperature or cool in the fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour before use to relieve burning and inflammation. Warm with a heating pad to desired temperature (not above 105F) to relax muscles. Either end of the EZ Magic is insertable. Use Desert Harvest Aloe Glide to lubricate the EZ Magic Wand for ease of insertion. Aloe Glide is paraben-free, petrochemical free, and made with organic Aloe Vera, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and long-lasting. Apply Desert Harvest Releveum® Skin Repair Cream before and/or after therapy for pain relief for up to 4 hours. Containing 4% lidocaine, Aloe Vera, and other anti-inflammatory botanicals, Releveum® is an excellent addition to your pelvic floor work. Because EZ Magic is seamless and non-porous, it is easy to clean with soap and warm water or wipes and an antibacterial cleaner. Dry thoroughly and store in its protective case safely at room temperature. Do not use the EZ Magic if it is chipped or cracked. - Safe & effective for pelvic floor muscle release, massage & relaxation - Patented, ergonomically shaped medical-grade glass wand for internal & external use - Non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and easy to clean - Can be cooled or heated for the desired use, inflammation, or relaxation - Instructions included with wand Patent No. 7963977 & 7695489
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