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Pelvic Support Shorts

by EVB Sport

EVB Sport Pelvic Support Shorts for Women The EVB Sport Support Shorts are perfect for indoor and outdoor exercising, routine workouts, sports training, running and jogging during mild and hot weather. The EVB Sport Shorts reduce stress exerted on pelvic floor and protect it from activity-related impact. Additionally, the EVB Sport Support Shorts improve pelvic alignment and help to reduce lower back pain. Made in 7 sizes for perfect fit, the Shorts can be worn comfortably under all types of outer sports kits, club wear, triathlon suits and cycling shorts. The Support Shorts are made from antibacterial and moisture wicking fabric for hygiene, freshness, dryness and comfort. A small zipped pocket at the back of the Shorts allows you keep small items safe (i.e. car keys, coins, membership cards, etc.). When worn, the EVB Sport Shorts feel snug, uplifting and comfortable, whilst significantly supporting your pelvic floor and core muscles and keeping your pelvis and abdomen well aligned. EVB Sport Pelvic Support Shorts overview Perfect for all sports and activities Perfect for indoor and outdoor Can be worn alone or under another sportswear or clothing Provide support to pelvic floor muscles Contribute to core muscles stability Envelope and hold you up and in Squat proof garment Significantly reduce activity-related impact on pelvic floor Perfect for women with continence problems Excellent support for women with prolapse Suitable for post-natal wear Suitable for post-surgery wear Made from antibacterial fabric for hygiene Fabric is moisture wicking for dryness and comfort Improve pelvic alignment & alleviates back pain Perfect for weightlifting Comfortable to wear with silky feel and small discreet zipped back pocket Discreet crotch pouch for panty liners Available in 7 sizes for best fit – UK size 6 to 18 Made in black and nude colour Made from 90% polyamide with 10% elastine fabric Washable up to 30° C Medical grade support garment
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