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Pelvic Floor Therapy Management & Treatment for PGAD/GPD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder/Genito-Pelvic Dysesthesia)



April Patterson


Contact Hours:

1 hour


This course will provide background of the pathophysiology of PGAD/GPD, and how to approach pelvic floor therapy management and treatment for patient's with this condition.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand the pathophysiology of PGAD/GPD

Your Instructor:

April Patterson, PT, MSPT is the owner of Whole Body Physical Therapy in Studio City, CA, a private practice specializing in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for all sexes & gender identities. April uses a whole body approach to evaluation and treatment of pelvic and orthopedic conditions. Her passion for pelvic health began through her own journey in healing and managing her own conditions of PGAD/GPD, pelvic pain, persistent back, and hip pain, as well as increasing symptoms during both of her pregnancies, and post-partum. She realized just how underserved this patient population is, and how pelvic floor therapy should be a standard of care for both pregnant and post-partum individuals, for those undergoing genital or abdomino-pelvic surgeries, for those with genito-pelvic dysesthesia, and for anyone with bladder, bowel, and/or sexual dysfunction. April's physical therapy career began after graduating from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, in 2003, earning a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy.


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