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Why Should I Become a myPFM Ambassador?

Hello friends! Are you passionate about pelvic health? Do you share our mission of pelvic health and education for all? Our ambassador program may be the perfect fit for you!

Through a unique relationship of resource sharing, community empowerment, and high quality educational content, the ambassador program seeks to benefit the global community, myPFM, and the individual ambassadors through increased pelvic health awareness and account growth.

The ambassador program is for anyone that is passionate about sharing pelvic health! You don't have to be pelvic therapist, a healthcare provider, or even a fitness professional. If you are someone that wants to improve the lives of people within your sphere of influence, and you want that sphere of influence to increase, this is for you!

Let’s talk about the benefits of a myPFM Ambassador membership.

Different Levels of Membership to Fit Your Needs

Our ambassador program features three levels of membership: basic, pro, and pro plus+.

Basic: This is a free level for anyone that wants to share pelvic health and be a part of our amazing ambassador program but may not have the financial resources right not to support us at the Pro or Plus Levels.

Pro: As a Pro, you have access to an amazing amount of images, animations, and educational content as well as opportunities to increase exposure and grow our social media accounts!

Pro Plus+: The Pro Plus level receives the highest amount of content and benefits and provides myPFM the most support so we can continue developing resources. These resources will enable all of us to reach more people, in more languages, in more places!

Access to Pelvic Health Webinars*

As a pro and pro plus+ member, you get access to our one hour pelvic health webinars. We are constantly provided education for both patients and providers to help learn more about the pelvic floor and managing pelvic floor dysfunction.

Access to Pelvic Health Anatomy Images & Videos*

Pro and pro plus+ members also get access to myPFM anatomy custom images, animations, and Canva designs. You can use these designs in resources that you create, or use them in the clinic to help with patient education.

Access to Patient Handouts*

The ambassador program gives you access to educational handouts for patients like cesarean scar mobilization. This saves you time so you can help more people!

Access to Global Language Designs*

myPFM is constantly working on language translation for our pelvic health infographics. We have several different translations groups already and are constantly working to add more! Pro and pro plus+ memberships come with access to all translation images.

Membership Fees Are Tax Deductible

Great news, since myPFM is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization you can use your membership fees as a tax deduction! We will send the forms at the end of each year.

Ready to Join?

Click here to join us in spreading pelvic health awareness for all!

myPFM is for ALL people! Our fervent desire is that our message of hope and help may reach as many people as possible in as many places as possible, regardless of ethnicity, gender or identity, language, socioeconomic status, religious or political beliefs, or any other barriers. Membership fees help myPFM to reach these goals. Our initiatives for 2021 are:

  1. Instagram Translation Group infographic creation: View instagram global languages now

  2. Pelvic Floor Starter Kit for healthcare providers in underserved communities and regions where pelvic therapy is difficult or impossible to access

  3. Pelvic Therapist training scholarship- help us support the training of more pelvic therapists to reach more people with hope and help! We give support to existing programs and new initiatives.

  4. Pelvic Health additional digital resource development

If you’re not ready to join the ambassador program, there are other ways to support myPFM:

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