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The Pelvic Floor's Christmas List

Hi friends! It’s almost Christmas. Some of us are prepared and ready to welcome the day with open arms while the rest of us are scrambling at the last minute to finish buying gifts for everyone that we love. If you’re looking for ideas for those last minute gift, keep reading!

Squatty Potty is a name brand for a toilet stool, but there are others on the market as well. These toilet stools may seem like a good gag gift, but in reality they can help you poop better! Using the toilet stool helps to relax a muscle called the puborectalis. When the puborectalis muscle relaxes, this allows the rectum to straighten and allow for easier pooping (Grimes, 2021).

So many people set New Years Resolutions to get more active and exercise more. Tools like a set of Theraband loops, yoga blocks, or an exercise ball can help with exercises at home. Theraband loops are used for resistance (strength) training. Yoga blocks help allow us to hold different stretching positions without straining. An exercise ball can be used for strengthening, stretching, balance, or even during pregnancy!

A TENS Unit is a safe and effective form of pain-relief for most individuals. A TENS unit is most commonly used on the back, shoulders, and legs. TENS has also been shown to be a safe alternative to pain medications during labor (Njogu, 2021). Be sure to check with your provider to make sure that TENS is safe for you before using.

Give your loved one the gift of knowledge. A Pelvic Flicks subscription will give them access to pelvic health videos with topics like bladder health, bowel health, pregnancy and postpartum, sex life, and more! A Pelvic Flicks subscription also includes live weekly workouts.

In addition to videos to learn about the pelvic floor, there are books, too!

To view all of our favorite pelvic floor products visit our store on Amazon.

Ready to learn more about your pelvic floor muscles? Here are some helpful resources:

Written by Emily Reul, PT, DPT


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