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What Are The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Hi friends! Yoga is a form of exercise that has been shown to have several health benefits, especially in the prenatal period. Today we are going to talk about what those benefits are.

Doing prenatal yoga has been shown to have many positive impacts on both physical and mental health of the mom and baby. Prenatal yoga has been shown to improve low back pain during pregnancy (Babbar, 2016). Yoga has also been shown to help improve sleep (Babbar, 2016).

One study of women (Bolanthakodi, 2018) who started yoga at 30 weeks along in their pregnancies were found to have: -Lower risk of needing to be induced

-Lower risk of needing pain medication/epidural

-Lower risk of needing a cesarean section

-Shorter first stage of labor

-Lower risk of having a low-birth weight baby

Along with improvements in physical health, yoga can help with mental health. Prenatal yoga has been shown to have benefits on mental health and can partly reduce depressive symptoms in the prenatal and postpartum period (Gong, 2015; Bolanthakodi, 2018). Yoga can also help with anxiety and stress (Babbar, 2016).

Exercise in general, including yoga, can help to prevent several pregnancy complications. Researchers have found that exercise can reduce the risk of gestational hypertension (high blood pressure), preeclampsia, and diabetes.

Be sure to talk with your providers about which exercise is safe for you and your pregnancy.

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Prenatal Yoga and the Pelvic Floor with Deb Flashenberg E-RYT 500, LCCE, CD (DONA), Certified Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher

Written by Emily Reul, PT, DPT


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